Wednesday, 11 July 2012

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hello people! my name is Desola, being overweight for almost all my life inspired this blog, especially since the realization that most weight loss tips and advice at our disposal as an african country do not take into consideration our weather, routine and harsh life on the fast lane of Nigeria, making it almost imposible to adopt wholly their ideas

Have you constantly been told you are "big-boned" or "naturally fat" or that you have a "fat family history" and "bad genes"? and have been told to exercise, skip meals, eat less, or look for herbal remedy? my journey from fat to slim enabled me understand that while some of these work, some don't, some are supposed to compliment while some are just start and stop. However, understanding that your present body state is simply a 'reaction' that has little to do with genes and more to do with your daily lifestyle is the first step.

Next is, how to you go about changing your lifestyle comfortably? Its important to know that changing your diet doesnt mean you have to spend a truck load of money, the thought the healthy meals are expensive is false. Recently dropping all my excess weight, my spending has remained constant, though my lifestyle and eating habit somewhat varied, I still eat whatever I want!.....Trust me on this one!

So I propose we do this together, that way the motivation is heightened, I'll take you through the step-by-step process that eventually worked for me because I'm certain that if it worked for me, knowing my history, it can work for anyone!


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