Thursday, 3 October 2013

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Honestly, I can’t lie, I am guilty of weekend resting. I have deserved it considering my hard work during the week, plus why should I say no when someone wants to take me to cold stone, Ahn ahn., Life shouldnt be hard na. so i take a break on saturdays

But did you know that even if you stick to a healthy diet or exercise routine all week, weekend overeating could result in an average gain of 9 pounds(4kg)?

Like me, many people stick to a routine of relatively healthy eating and maybe exercise on weekdays – until 5:00pm Friday, then all hell breaks loose
 (if you still haven’t figured out how to eat healthy on week-days, check out my work-week food table here)

It takes cutting out 3500calories to actually lose a pound.  Following my work week food table which cuts 300 calories on the average daily and hence 1500 (300 caories x 5 work days) weekly, it may take two weeks to lose that pound. so If I overeat weekends say about 1800 calories(most people eat more), it actually takes back 2-3days of work back from me, there by slowing my results.

Being a firm a believer of reward for work, I still support reward days, mine is Saturday and it sort of strengthens me and gives me a day to look forward to…While its ok to relax a bit, overdoing it may just take back the progress.

What to do?

Always eat Breakfast: IM not saying you should start your day with a big piece of burger, no, Im saying eat a regular breakfast, to be safe, eat a low fat breakfast so that youll have space for junk in your calories consummation and its going to be a looong day. Plus breakfast reduces the urge to munch everything in sight

Plan your meals: if there is any time to plan your meals, it has to be weekends. Know by Friday what you want to eat through your weekend and make it available. Keep healthy food around you so even if you go on a mindless munch spree, at least it will be healthy. Stock up your fridge with fruits and veggies as well

Plan ahead. If you're headed for a party or out to dinner, eat less that day and/or power up your physical activity

Out with the Junk: Toss out unhealthy food, if you are going to be at home, you cant have a pack of sneakers lazying about, it will end up in your stomach. do not have it around!

Ask for the smaller Size: when the Small or large question comes, ask for  Small, I know it’s a reward day but a smaller cup of ice cream doesn’t make it any less of a reward

Exercise – no matter how small, just do it, even if it just a 30s squat, youll need the extra burn

Keep Busy! – find something to do, if not, the boredom will make you think you are hungry

The one Treat rule! – it’s a reward day, only allow yourself just one reward, don’t go on a marathon Junk Consumption

Its usually good to get in a lot of exercise on weekends since you have the time and you don’t even have to go to the GYM, you can burn a significant amount of calories by doing this

Goodluck this weekend,

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