Thursday, 30 August 2012

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I've recently stumbled on an amazing fact that "lifestyle" can prevent even the most probable diseases meaning even if your family has a history of diabeties, a health lifestyle can reduce the likelihood of your infection by 70%!. Your history has little to do with your physical state, rather, your present body state is as a result of what you ingest, what you give is what you get! so, to see the change you want, you have to change your lifestyle.
The belief in "Fat Genes" has given a lot of people a culprit to blame and an excuse to why they don't bother trying. Your weight destiny is cast in stone so why bother?,dieting is difficult enough without our heredity fighting against us right?
Before we hang the culprit, I've got news!
A study found that the effect of the gene on weight gain is very small, only about 2 pounds. So, for example, if you carry a fat gene and you’re 20 pounds overweight, at best you can blame about 2 of them on your parents; the other 18 pounds (about 90 percent of your extra weight) are the result of your dieting and exercise habits (or lack thereof).In other words, the explains that a genetic susceptibility to obesity is modifiable by lifestyle (choices)

Its my strong belief that we have a tremendous amount of control over our bodies. Even with my enormous birth weight of 4.6kg, I've managed to move from a large size 14 to a 6! this proves to me how little our genes and histories have to play.  As said before, our appearance is merely a "reaction", how we look is a reflection of our lifestyle. While we have absolutely no control over our genes, we can control our lifestyle by deciding how much we eat and how much exercise we get. We control our bodies and not the other way! 

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