Monday, 22 April 2013

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Remember how we used to get flogged for eating the meat before finish our food, I got alot of lashes for that one, but Guess what?! I just discovered how that habit can help with weightloss, its another trick for the weightloss trick book, and I thought I will tell you guys about it. Have you noticed how your meat or fish or whatever garnishing you put on your plate determines the extent to which you eat and what quantity. Most times it’s the anticipation of the turkey and the fact that we want to save the best for the last that keeps you eating long after we passed our filled up point. It has to become a culture for us Nigerians to eat our meat or chicken last , we drag the “dodo” or egg and make sure we finish it with rice and then congratulate stomach and mouth for the effort it put into eating by eating the meat last.
Since most times, in our subconscious, the end of the garnishing means end of food, it means we can cheat our brains into believing we have finished eating by ensuring the meat goes early and the dodo disappears before the rice finishes. so try this for a while and see if it works, eat your meat as soon as you start to eat your food and try not to stretch it out, the idea is to ensure all the garnishing is gone before the food itself. It makes it boring.
Trust me guys, this trick works!

Try it and tell me what you think!


  1. It could work....yes but trust me its all in the head. If you aint ready to loose the weight, u would eat your meat, the next persons' and still finish your food and want
    The most important thing is the determination for inside out!

    1. are right, however little tricks like this can help you cheat yourself